Cooling Tunnels

3D Cooling Tunnel

Modular Construction

  • Conveyor widths from 300mm to 2000mm.
  • Easily transportable 4000mm long modular sections.
  • Insulated hinged tunnel covers 2000mm long.
  • Slot in air conditioning and temperature control system.
  • System designed for fast and easy ‘drop in’ installation.

Hygienic Design

  • Cleanable stainless steel construction throughput with a minimal amount of flat horizontal surfaces.
  • Minimal product build up areas within the conveyor and easy access for cleaning.
  • Full access to product and service areas via gas strut assisted covers.
  • All tunnel covers have a self-sealing lip design.
  • Stainless steel rollers. Drive drum removable for cleaning on most models.

Specialist Conveyor Design

  • A wide range of conveyor belts available, with belting materials carefully selected to suit individual process requirements.
  • Automatic belt tracking and tensioning with options for continuous cleaning.

Process Cooling Design

  • The standard air conditioning unit can accommodate up to 70 kW of cooling capacity.
  • Brine or direct expansion (DX) refrigeration systems are optional.
  • Air circulation volumes 2.7m3/sec can be handled in the standard configuration.
  • Optional dehumidification by air reheating or dehumidifiers.
  • High performance cooling via carefully pitched air knives.
  • Gentle cooling velocities achieved by flow and counterflow air directions.
  • Under belt cooling available via pressurised coils.

The cooling shall be accomplished via either a direct expansion system using refrigerant or via a water chilled system.

The refrigeration system will be sized and integrated into the tunnel

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